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Every day all over the world thousands of mothers start home base businesses, whilst millions more are already home based small business mums. All these business mums are seeking the same thing...a way to make money from home so they can raise their children without having to go out to a job each day.

Unfortunately many of these business mums don't make it and they end up losing money in the process. But the only difference between them and the business mums that succeed are the resources, information and advice they get and follow.

Starting and growing a home based small business is an exciting time but it can also be hard work and, in the early stages, often has few rewards and little support from those you love. It can be totally frustrating, confusing and exhausting leaving you not knowing where to turn for the kind of information you need (not what someone else wants to tell you) for professional guidance and insightful support. Here at Mums in Business you'll be able to access all the most practical, proven tools, information and advice you need to start, run and develop your business!

In business everyone is always at different stages, maybe you are still working towards starting a business so you need some ideas for a business or maybe you are already a business mum and need some no cost/low cost business marketing ideas or maybe you want to grow your business to the next level or create yourself a passive income. Whatever stage you are at, Mums in Business is here to help. So let's see how we can help you the best. Just click on one of the boxes below that best suits your needs...

Looking at starting your own small business or just started one and need some help

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As a successful mum in business, I can help you be successful with your small business Hi, my name is Alison Basson and I am also a work at home business mum. After the birth of my daughter, I didn't want to return to work full time, so in May 2005, I decided to start my first business.

Back then there weren't the kind of resources, like Mums in Business around so I had to draw on my extensive experience and expertise as an Accountant and Business Consultant. Since then I have created 3 other businesses, including this one that focus on helping other women in business grow and prosper. I have also become an expert in gaining low cost/no cost marketing and PR, and a Business Mentor to other business women.

And because I'm a mum I know you don't have a lot of time – so the team at Mums in Business and I have developed the easiest, most streamlined learning tools and templates and advice for all you incredible mums in business to make it so much easier to develop your own foolproof processes and procedures. All these resources are vital to starting a business, then growing and succeeding in your business and personal life.

"As a micro business owner, I found I needed help. The resources you provide helped me to flesh out my ideas, and put them into an action plan. Talking to you was the turning point in my business,
and I wanted to say thanks!"
Emma Rhoades, Diva Promotions
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